The workings of the human brain fascinate me. Billions of neurons popping away when we encounter a stimulus or need to make a decision. And somehow the magic works. It creates the intelligent, emotional and highly flawed people that we are.

One thing neuroscience is starting to confirm is something that successful marketers and advertisers worked out through intuition and observation. Namely that we are not rational beings.

We go through life happily assuming that our conscious rational brain is in control and calling the shots. What we find is that most of what we do is controlled subconsciously. Without engaging the emotional AND the logical functions of our brain we can’t even make the simplest choices.

For marketers and content marketers, the implications are far reaching. If your content strategy is built to satisfy informational and rational needs, you are completely missing the most vital components: the emotional needs and basic psychological drives that really determine our actions.

Associations with the things people value most can be subtly created with carefully chosen words and images. But how many businesses take that trouble? And how many potential sales are lost as a result?

Want to explore this some more? Here’s a piece I published on LinkedIn.

Richard Hussey