Plenty of traffic but too few enquiries?

Time to review your website content!

The right word can be the crucial difference between somebody ‘just looking’ at your website and somebody who chooses to buy.

Website content converts when it takes customers on a journey. One that stimulates their interest, answers their questions and convinces them to take the next step by tapping into their needs and motivations.

Beyond Features and Benefits

People make decisions when you engage the logical and the emotional parts of their brain.

Everyone has basic psychological drivers that influence how we act. The right words will tap into these needs and create associations with your product and service.

I help clients create content journeys that result in action. This means achieving a deeper understanding of the following:

  • why customers land on your site
  • what they are searching for
  • what will persuade them to act

And your website is only part of the story. Effective online marketing means learning how to become a regular publisher of the content your customers will value. Find out more about planning an effective content marketing strategy.

Writing for blogs

Blogs help you build credibility and relationships with your customers. They only work if they offer your customers something they value and something they can’t read anywhere else. They also need to be concise, informal and entertaining.

Make your blog content stand out from the crowd. Become recognised as a valued source of insights and intelligence for your sector.


Copywriting Services

Satisfy the informational and emotional needs of your customers:

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Marketing Video Scripts
  • Emails marketing campaigns
  • Landing Pages
  • Leaflets and Flyers

Fixed Price

Each project is delivered for a fixed price (plus travel expenses if required) which I will negotiate with you up front.

Any Questions?

Call 01823 674167 or email richard@rshcopywriting.co.uk

Write for People, not Search Engines

Internet search is undergoing a radical transformation. SEO is no longer about tricks, engineering back-links and keyword stuffing. WHAT MIGHT HAVE WORKED IN THE PAST, WON’T WORK IN THE FUTURE!

Google wants to present content to its users that does the most thorough and honest job of answering their questions. And that’s what you need to provide if you want to maintain high visibility in searches.

A content plan based on detailed customer personas, a first class blog focused on the information needs of your customers, and vibrant social media networks are what it takes to succeed in today’s online marketing.

The semantic web and the new search marketing – view slideshare: