Content Marketing – Beyond the Hype

Whether your marketing model is inbound, outbound or (most sensibly) a blend of the two, you still need exceptional content.

The internet and social media have broken the traditional linear B2B sales model forever. Your sales funnel is now full of holes. And your prospects decide how and when they want to research answers and find solutions.

The right content will continuously re-engage your prospects and support them at every step of the buying process.

Get beyond the hype and the jargon to develop a deliverable, sustainable and effective content strategy.

Build a content marketing plan to support sales and growth

Content marketing needn’t be difficult or mysterious. Fundamentally you need the following:

  • a strong set of brand values
  • insights into your customers’ needs, challenges and interests
  • knowledge of the channels (including social media) that your customers use
  • content that is 10x more useful than your competitors’
  • somewhere to store your content and methods for getting it to the right people

Your Content Marketing Plan

1. Who

Why do your customers buy from you? What challenges do they face and what questions are they seeking convincing answers for? How will potential customers find it easiest to access your content? Are they on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter and what’s the most effective way to connect with them?

2. What

Content marketing needs structure. What media and formats will your customers find most engaging? What needs to be published when and who’s going to be responsible?

3. Promotion

There’s no point launching content into a vacuum. Your plan will include how the content needs to be promoted through social media networks, advocates and influencers.

4. Content

The quality of the content will ultimately determine who is successful. Content needs to be frequent, relevant and well produced. Effective copywriting is not necessarily about perfect grammar – it’s about clarity and connection.

5. Measurement and Feedback

Like any other effective marketing programme you need to measure what works best, experiment with different messages and continuously refine your approach to get the best possible return from your effort and budget. Your plan needs to include the use of on-line and off-line analysis.

A Methodical Approach to Content Marketing

Together we’ll plan, create, promote and measure your content to make sure we stay in the ‘sweet spot’ where your expertise overlaps the information needs, ambitions and challenges of your customers.

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