Website Content – Sowing the Seeds of Prosperity

How much do you value the content on your company website?

I mean really value it. Does it have a clearly defined job in securing new leads and customers? Or was it just another item on the list of things to do when the site was created? Perhaps it was a few hundred words you pumped out so you could finally get the site launched.

If that sounds remotely familiar, ask yourself this:

What do you think the purpose […]

Persuading your Customers to do what you want

When you publish content on your website or blog your aim is to persuade somebody to do something. It might be to place an order, contact you for more information, download a guide, subscribe to your mailing list or follow you on social media.

There should always be an action in mind. Something you want people to do as a result of reading the content.

Which means that for on-line marketing to be successful it needs to […]

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B2B Marketing – How Bright is your Star?

All B2B businesses have a website. Yet how many of them are really satisfied with the contribution those websites make to growth and success?  For some reason, it’s quite common for businesses to admit that they don’t get a satisfactory return from their on-line B2B marketing but then not do much about it.

For a whole host of reasons, putting up a website and hoping somebody finds it is becoming even more pointless. In the future, […]

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How to tell if you have Meaningful Web Content

A visit to your website could be your one chance to capture a new prospect – are you making the most of it by presenting a persuasive case for your business? Or are you filling the space between the pictures with words that sound like the ‘right sort of thing’ to say – but don’t actually mean very much? And how can you tell the difference?

I believe that web content should be meaningful; or put […]

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A few Simple things you can do to Improve your Website Content

From time to time I offer to do a quick review on the content of a business website to see if I can suggest some simple improvements. Here’s a list of some of the more common issues I encounter with website content which you might find helpful as a basis for looking at your own site.

1. Keyword Strategy
Don’t be put off, this is simpler than you might think.

In an ideal world it should be obvious […]

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So what is ‘Good Content’?

The quality of your content is rapidly becoming a critical factor in determining how your site ranks in Google. Matt Cutts, Google’s search ranking supremo (not sure if that’s his official job title), has said, time and again, that the intention is to reward sites with good content. But what is ‘good content’? Would you know it if you saw it, and is there more to it than just keeping Google happy?

In a time before […]

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Breathe Life Into Your Brochure Website

If you’ve been around a few years you’ll remember how excited people used to get back in the 80s and 90s about their new corporate sales brochures. You’ll probably also remember how many used to end up in the skip (recycling not quite as popular back then), as they went out of date and became irrelevant.

 Website content is different – or should be
Company websites then began to represent the new world. Website content could be […]

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Website Content – the Start of a Long and Happy Relationship?

Your website should be one of the ways that you are attracting new customers. When a potential customer visits your site it ought to be the first step in a long and happy relationship. But are you attracting the right visitors in the first place? And will what they find when they get there convince them to take the next step?

When I try to explain the role of website content in getting your business found […]

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Online Marketing – Why Content Has Always Mattered

So now everyone’s talking about the importance of content in online marketing. As Google’s rampaging Pandas and Penguins continue to cut away at the techniques people have used to improve their search rankings, businesses are getting the message that content is the way forward.

Before we all get carried away on the big wave of content here’s a couple of thoughts: good content has always been important in online marketing (even if you never paid much […]

Website Content and Penguin Protection

Later this year Google will introduce a new Penguin update to its search algorithm, the so-called Penguin 2.0. As with earlier versions, it will be targeting websites that have boosted their ranking by buying links and engaging in suspect link exchanging. The hype is that this Penguin will be even more voracious than the last in chewing up sites that try to achieve high ranking positions through any means other than providing valued website content.
The […]

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