How Content Moves Customers from Awareness to Action in B2B Marketing

Any new sale is a journey from awareness to action. And in B2B marketing that journey can be a long and tortuous one. Social media and content marketing help speed up and scale up the process but things often stall because businesses focus too heavily on the awareness end of the journey. It is, after all, the part where understanding and execution are simplest.

Your content has to do so much more than just raise awareness if you […]

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Are You a Good LinkedIn Citizen?

A couple of discussions on LinkedIn got me thinking recently. The first was the issue that keeps surfacing: the balance between promoting your business and promoting genuine discussion. The second asked why so many LinkedIn users fail to take the opportunity of contributing to discussion threads to raise awareness of their business. The two questions are related and I think go to the heart of what it means to be a respected citizen in this […]

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It’s Only Marketing When It’s Marketing

I talk to a lot of businesses about their marketing efforts. Many tell me about the various methods they are using: websites, email, social media and so on. Sometimes I find that what they are doing isn’t really marketing, but just ‘activity’. Here’s a few questions that you can use to review your own activity to see whether it is marketing and whether you are likely to get a return for the time and budget […]

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Websites, Content and Social Media – the B2B Online Marketing Jigsaw

There are many parts to your B2B online marketing jigsaw. And like any other jigsaw, if you look at one piece in isolation it can be hard to make sense of it. To know where it fits you need to have the bigger picture.

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This seems to be one of the commonest difficulties people have with online and content marketing; people will pick up a single piece, like blogging or Twitter, for […]

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The Skill Every Blogger Neeeds

What makes a good blog post? Beautifully crafted words? An irresistible headline? Humour? While all of these matter, the fundamental quality of any good blog post is that it has to appeal to a defined audience. People have complete freedom to ignore the words that you’ve spent hours hunched over your keyboard drafting and honing – so you’d better be writing about something they care about.

So what’s my top skill for effective blogging? LISTENING.

Beverly & Pack […]

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Do Terms like Content and Inbound Marketing Help or Confuse?

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Marketing people love inventing new terms for what they do. You could trace the history of marketing just by listing a whole load of terms and arranging them in chronological order. Latest among these you’ll find digital marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing and reputation management.

I often wonder how helpful these terms are to somebody looking for the most cost-effective way to promote their business. Often the implied message […]

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Fred has a Bash at Content Marketing

Fred has a business. It’s not huge but it makes him a reasonable living. He has big plans
to grow from his current £400k turnover. He knows marketing is the key to improving market share and targets a new website and content marketing as the way forward. Let’s see how he gets on.

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January – commissioning a website
Fred realises that he needs to hire a web designer: ‘I can do most things […]

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Content Marketing is a Waste of Time

Seductive thought isn’t it? Knock out a few blog posts, tweet a couple of times a day, garner as many LinkedIn connections as possible and, before you know it, you’re inundated with people wanting your services. Hopefully your approach to content marketing is a little more structured than this, otherwise your efforts really will be a waste of time.

Email was supposed to save us hours every week – before it became a monster that consumed […]

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Make Selling Easier Through Content Marketing and Social Media

Are you unclear about what content marketing or inbound marketing mean? Are you wondering what a social media strategy looks like?  Think of them in terms of what you already know about a fairly classical sales process, and you’ll see that you’re better placed than you think to harness these emerging techniques.
Sales Process 1: Get noticed
Any business needs a way to be found by potential customers. Historically this would be through networking, advertising, trade shows […]

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Are you Planning for Success or Survival in 2012?

A rare consensus among economists suggests that 2012 will be difficult for businesses looking to grow.  So, how do we all plan to respond to continued challenging business conditions?

Experience from previous periods of slow growth shows that it is essential to maintain positive relationships with customers and to focus on providing value for money.  Companies which just slash prices and budgets in order to survive rarely emerge in a position to benefit from growth opportunities […]

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