Website Content – Sowing the Seeds of Prosperity

How much do you value the content on your company website?

I mean really value it. Does it have a clearly defined job in securing new leads and customers? Or was it just another item on the list of things to do when the site was created? Perhaps it was a few hundred words you pumped out so you could finally get the site launched.

If that sounds remotely familiar, ask yourself this:

What do you think the purpose […]

A World Without Google?

Imagine a world without Google. For internet marketers and many businesses that’s just about unthinkable. But can an obsession with satisfying the whims of the Big G cloud your judgement, distract your attention and even harm your business?

The Google brand, its search engine, Chrome browser, Android operating system and on-line tools are becoming so pervasive that you can almost get the impression that Google is the internet.

Google is where people go to get ideas and answers […]

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Is it time to stop getting stressed about SEO?

First of all, let me clarify the question. I’m not asking whether your ranking in Google searches still matters – of course it does.  You’ll know from your own Analytics data how much traffic you get from organic search – and being on page 1 still makes a huge difference.

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The question is more about how you get to a page 1 ranking, and how you can maximise other sources of traffic to […]

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Online Marketing – Why Content Has Always Mattered

So now everyone’s talking about the importance of content in online marketing. As Google’s rampaging Pandas and Penguins continue to cut away at the techniques people have used to improve their search rankings, businesses are getting the message that content is the way forward.

Before we all get carried away on the big wave of content here’s a couple of thoughts: good content has always been important in online marketing (even if you never paid much […]

Website Content and Penguin Protection

Later this year Google will introduce a new Penguin update to its search algorithm, the so-called Penguin 2.0. As with earlier versions, it will be targeting websites that have boosted their ranking by buying links and engaging in suspect link exchanging. The hype is that this Penguin will be even more voracious than the last in chewing up sites that try to achieve high ranking positions through any means other than providing valued website content.
The […]

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Why you Need an Online Content Strategy

Anything that can take a website from getting virtually no traffic to getting several hundred hits per month has to be worth looking at. This type of experience is actually typical for businesses which adopt a well planned online content strategy. And yet, increased website traffic is just one reason that businesses should think seriously about a coherent plan for publishing and distributing online content.

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Are you getting found on the web?
But […]

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What’s the Link Between the Hibu Share Price and Your Website Content?

In case you don’t know, Hibu used to be called Yell. Back in 2007 its shares were selling for over £6 each. Today they are virtually worthless and the company is in urgent discussions with creditors about rescheduling debts. What’s this got to do with your website content? In a word: Google!

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Put simply, people increasingly go to Google when they are looking for products and services, rather than on-line directories. So […]

Should start-ups be our marketing gurus?

Are business start-ups better at marketing than large enterprises?

This question was prompted by an article by a media professor that I read recently.  His contention was that large enterprises often become internally focused, bound up in their own culture, products, technology and jargon.  As a result they lose the ability to see their business through their customers’ eyes.  Start-ups, on the other hand, do a much better job.

There is some truth in his views about larger enterprises.  I was […]

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