Good Marketers Don’t Tell Lies

What is the role of marketing in the modern age? Is it to take any product or service and say whatever it takes to persuade people to buy it? Is the internet just a way of getting the same old distorted message to more people?

According to some of the participants in a recent LinkedIn discussion that’s exactly what we do. In fact it’s worse. ‘Half-truths, misrepresentation and downright lies’ were the main features of the job spec according to one person […]

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As an SME, are you Really Ready for Content Marketing?

Jumping on board with content marketing without thinking can be like sprinting for a train, head down, without checking the departure board. Who knows where you’ll end up and you probably wasted the price of the ticket.

Content publishing and social media can be highly cost-effective ways to market your business. The potential reach is almost unlimited, most of the tools are free, and many of the traditional barriers to making a sale simply dissolve.

But you can also burn up […]

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The Elusive and Essential Nature of Trust in Marketing

Trust. Every business needs it. But how do you get it and how will you know when you have it? And in the online world how do we build the trust that gets us beyond the first tentative steps of a business relationship?

I was given a lesson in the elusive and often irrational nature of trust by and elderly Frenchman several years ago.

I was at one of those French supermarkets where you need to insert […]

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Never Mind About ‘Great Content’, Work out what it’s for first.

If you have any interest at all in digital marketing, websites and SEO, you’ll have heard plenty about content – and great content  in particular. ‘Great content’ improves your search visibility. Promoting your great content through social networks and influencers earns you traffic, trust and authority.

So far so good. The content marketing concept is easy to understand and I’m sure you can see how it might work for your business. But how many really clear definitions have you […]

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6 Ideas for Marketing Professional Services

I was recently addressing a group of management and chartered accountants and the discussion inevitably turned to marketing. All professional services providers face a significant challenge: how can businesses that provide broadly similar outputs differentiate themselves.  There’s a similar issue with law firms and, I guess, with web designers, training providers and a host of other services.

If this challenge sounds familiar here are six thoughts that might help. Including how content marketing could make all […]

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