Who Murdered your Content? You did – with your Headlines!

Day after day I seeĀ a seemingly endless flow of headlines, blog titles and email subject lines that do nothing. They appeal to nobody in particular. They follow tired and unoriginal formats. They offer no enticing hint of entertainment or enlightenment.

They are murdering your content marketing through lack of effort and imagination.

Before I go into some examples of content-killing titles here are a few points to think about.

A venerable and high earning copywriter once described crafting […]

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How much is your email address worth?

Do you ever abandon the signing-in process to ‘free’ WiFi in a cafe when they ask for your email address? I know I do. Often I don’t need the free WiFi enough to risk another load of email marketing spam. Our email addresses have a value and most of us won’t give them up without seeing a clear benefit.

But, as businesses, we also want to get email addresses that we can use in our on-line […]

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