Who Murdered your Content? You did – with your Headlines!

Day after day I seeĀ a seemingly endless flow of headlines, blog titles and email subject lines that do nothing. They appeal to nobody in particular. They follow tired and unoriginal formats. They offer no enticing hint of entertainment or enlightenment.

They are murdering your content marketing through lack of effort and imagination.

Before I go into some examples of content-killing titles here are a few points to think about.

A venerable and high earning copywriter once described crafting […]

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Persuading your Customers to do what you want

When you publish content on your website or blog your aim is to persuade somebody to do something. It might be to place an order, contact you for more information, download a guide, subscribe to your mailing list or follow you on social media.

There should always be an action in mind. Something you want people to do as a result of reading the content.

Which means that for on-line marketing to be successful it needs to […]

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A few Simple things you can do to Improve your Website Content

From time to time I offer to do a quick review on the content of a business website to see if I can suggest some simple improvements. Here’s a list of some of the more common issues I encounter with website content which you might find helpful as a basis for looking at your own site.

1. Keyword Strategy
Don’t be put off, this is simpler than you might think.

In an ideal world it should be obvious […]

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Website Content – the Start of a Long and Happy Relationship?

Your website should be one of the ways that you are attracting new customers. When a potential customer visits your site it ought to be the first step in a long and happy relationship. But are you attracting the right visitors in the first place? And will what they find when they get there convince them to take the next step?

When I try to explain the role of website content in getting your business found […]

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Blogging for Business Part 4 – Putting the HASSLE into Blogging

If you’ve followed the first 3 parts of this series you will have set up your blogging site with all the tools for sharing, SEO and analysing your traffic. You’ll also have a list of great ideas for blog topics. Now you need to start writing. But what are the secrets to creating something that people will look forward to reading?


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If you think blogging is a hassle, let’s work with that thought. […]