Who Murdered your Content? You did – with your Headlines!

Day after day I see a seemingly endless flow of headlines, blog titles and email subject lines that do nothing. They appeal to nobody in particular. They follow tired and unoriginal formats. They offer no enticing hint of entertainment or enlightenment.

They are murdering your content marketing through lack of effort and imagination.

Before I go into some examples of content-killing titles here are a few points to think about.

A venerable and high earning copywriter once described crafting […]

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Persuading your Customers to do what you want

When you publish content on your website or blog your aim is to persuade somebody to do something. It might be to place an order, contact you for more information, download a guide, subscribe to your mailing list or follow you on social media.

There should always be an action in mind. Something you want people to do as a result of reading the content.

Which means that for on-line marketing to be successful it needs to […]

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One guaranteed way make more people read your content

Producing content that appeals to a specific audience is difficult and time consuming. And it’s sad to see so much of that effort go to waste time and time again. Why? because the person publishing the content didn’t appreciate that the headline demands just as much attention as the rest of the article.

OK then, the last time you wrote a blog article or started a discussion in LinkedIn or Google+, how much time and effort […]

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How to tell if you have Meaningful Web Content

A visit to your website could be your one chance to capture a new prospect – are you making the most of it by presenting a persuasive case for your business? Or are you filling the space between the pictures with words that sound like the ‘right sort of thing’ to say – but don’t actually mean very much? And how can you tell the difference?

I believe that web content should be meaningful; or put […]

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A few Simple things you can do to Improve your Website Content

From time to time I offer to do a quick review on the content of a business website to see if I can suggest some simple improvements. Here’s a list of some of the more common issues I encounter with website content which you might find helpful as a basis for looking at your own site.

1. Keyword Strategy
Don’t be put off, this is simpler than you might think.

In an ideal world it should be obvious […]

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So what is ‘Good Content’?

The quality of your content is rapidly becoming a critical factor in determining how your site ranks in Google. Matt Cutts, Google’s search ranking supremo (not sure if that’s his official job title), has said, time and again, that the intention is to reward sites with good content. But what is ‘good content’? Would you know it if you saw it, and is there more to it than just keeping Google happy?

In a time before […]

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Website Content – the Start of a Long and Happy Relationship?

Your website should be one of the ways that you are attracting new customers. When a potential customer visits your site it ought to be the first step in a long and happy relationship. But are you attracting the right visitors in the first place? And will what they find when they get there convince them to take the next step?

When I try to explain the role of website content in getting your business found […]

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Go Beyond Features and Benefits – Look for the Compelling Story

Features and benefits are the staples of any basic sales training course. The ability to differentiate between what something is and the benefits that its features deliver to the user is an essential foundation of all sales and marketing. But really effective online marketing does more than this. Effective online marketing uses the power of storytelling to evoke emotion and create a strong desire.

Here’s an example.

Neverfade ™ is a paint for external woodwork that is guaranteed […]

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So What Exactly Is Persuasive Website Content?

Website content needs to be persuasive. I know that sounds obvious – but is it really? How often do you read a website that really does a great job of persuading you to do something? And how many small business websites make a truly compelling case for their owners? So what is persuasive content and how can you go about creating it?


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Does your website content have a purpose?
Let’s start with the fundamentals. Do […]

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Words! They Really Do Matter – a Bit of Copywriting Advice

I was writing some website content recently for a business that specializes in presentation skills training and wrote the following sentence:

‘Presentations that focus on what you want to say, rather than what the client wants to hear are doomed to failure.’

Having looked at it I rewrote it:

‘Success comes from focusing on what your client needs to hear rather than on what you want to say.’

Both express the same thought and you might not think there’s […]

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