Website Content – Sowing the Seeds of Prosperity

How much do you value the content on your company website?

I mean really value it. Does it have a clearly defined job in securing new leads and customers? Or was it just another item on the list of things to do when the site was created? Perhaps it was a few hundred words you pumped out so you could finally get the site launched.

If that sounds remotely familiar, ask yourself this:

What do you think the purpose […]

‘We Love your Solution – but we’re not buying it’

I’m sure everyone in B2B sales and marketing has experienced the ‘irrational’ purchaser. B2B buying decisions often seem to defy common sense.

Your prospect accepts that your solution can do things their existing supplier can’t offer; they’re not happy with the customer service they’re currently getting; and your price is competitive. Yet they stick with what, and who, they know.

Have you ever been left scratching your head wondering why this happened?

Rather than rail against the injustice when your red hot prospect opts to […]

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One Simple Word that Will Reignite your Content Marketing

Are your posts failing to get the the traction you hoped for?

Do you think your business has become a victim of the ‘content shock’, where too much content competes for too few eyeballs?

Here’s how one small word can give your content added relevance, engagement and ROI.

Welcome to the power of ‘to’.

Hopefully you already understand why ‘you’ is more powerful than ‘we’. ‘You’ means you are talking about your customers and not about yourself. But what about […]

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Is Your Mid-Sized Business Ready for Content Marketing? Part 2

Last time we looked at foundations. These are the blocks that have to be in place if content marketing is going to drive your growth – and not just be an interesting experiment.

For many mid-sized businesses, particularly in B2B, this means taking a much more systematic view. Being clear about what you want to sell and the people you are selling to. It also means taking a broader view of all the places on-line that a potential customer might find you.

You […]

As an SME, are you Really Ready for Content Marketing?

Jumping on board with content marketing without thinking can be like sprinting for a train, head down, without checking the departure board. Who knows where you’ll end up and you probably wasted the price of the ticket.

Content publishing and social media can be highly cost-effective ways to market your business. The potential reach is almost unlimited, most of the tools are free, and many of the traditional barriers to making a sale simply dissolve.

But you can also burn up […]

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The Elusive and Essential Nature of Trust in Marketing

Trust. Every business needs it. But how do you get it and how will you know when you have it? And in the online world how do we build the trust that gets us beyond the first tentative steps of a business relationship?

I was given a lesson in the elusive and often irrational nature of trust by and elderly Frenchman several years ago.

I was at one of those French supermarkets where you need to insert […]

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How Content Moves Customers from Awareness to Action in B2B Marketing

Any new sale is a journey from awareness to action. And in B2B marketing that journey can be a long and tortuous one. Social media and content marketing help speed up and scale up the process but things often stall because businesses focus too heavily on the awareness end of the journey. It is, after all, the part where understanding and execution are simplest.

Your content has to do so much more than just raise awareness if you […]

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Never Mind About ‘Great Content’, Work out what it’s for first.

If you have any interest at all in digital marketing, websites and SEO, you’ll have heard plenty about content – and great content  in particular. ‘Great content’ improves your search visibility. Promoting your great content through social networks and influencers earns you traffic, trust and authority.

So far so good. The content marketing concept is easy to understand and I’m sure you can see how it might work for your business. But how many really clear definitions have you […]

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Cultivating New Customers, Rather than Hunting them Down

At the dawn of civilisation we survived by foraging for food and by tracking and killing it. Effective, up to a point, but very time-consuming and ultimately limited in the size of population it could sustain.

What we needed was a more efficient way of feeding ourselves. Mankind arrived at a crossroads. And in many ways I think the evolution of marketing has arrived at a similar point.

One fundamental issue for hunters was that most of […]

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It’s Content, but is it Marketing?

I am honestly losing count of the number of SEO agencies that are producing articles extolling the virtues of content marketing.  Fancy that! There’s more to on-line marketing than search rankings and organic traffic.

Just be be clear, I’m not saying that rankings and traffic don’t matter. And a good technical SEO expert can still help your business – a lot! And I know that many SEOs do understand content marketing and the bigger picture of […]

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