Who Murdered your Content? You did – with your Headlines!

Day after day I see a seemingly endless flow of headlines, blog titles and email subject lines that do nothing. They appeal to nobody in particular. They follow tired and unoriginal formats. They offer no enticing hint of entertainment or enlightenment.

They are murdering your content marketing through lack of effort and imagination.

Before I go into some examples of content-killing titles here are a few points to think about.

A venerable and high earning copywriter once described crafting […]

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One Simple Word that Will Reignite your Content Marketing

Are your posts failing to get the the traction you hoped for?

Do you think your business has become a victim of the ‘content shock’, where too much content competes for too few eyeballs?

Here’s how one small word can give your content added relevance, engagement and ROI.

Welcome to the power of ‘to’.

Hopefully you already understand why ‘you’ is more powerful than ‘we’. ‘You’ means you are talking about your customers and not about yourself. But what about […]

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How Content Moves Customers from Awareness to Action in B2B Marketing

Any new sale is a journey from awareness to action. And in B2B marketing that journey can be a long and tortuous one. Social media and content marketing help speed up and scale up the process but things often stall because businesses focus too heavily on the awareness end of the journey. It is, after all, the part where understanding and execution are simplest.

Your content has to do so much more than just raise awareness if you […]

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Never Mind About ‘Great Content’, Work out what it’s for first.

If you have any interest at all in digital marketing, websites and SEO, you’ll have heard plenty about content – and great content  in particular. ‘Great content’ improves your search visibility. Promoting your great content through social networks and influencers earns you traffic, trust and authority.

So far so good. The content marketing concept is easy to understand and I’m sure you can see how it might work for your business. But how many really clear definitions have you […]

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How to Write the Blog Posts your Readers will thank you for

If you’re reading this you probably understand the value of having a good blog on your website. And what you really want to know is how you can make your blog better. How can you write articles that people will actually welcome?

Here are a few questions and pointers based on my experience of producing hundreds of posts for myself and for my clients, and from observing skilled bloggers.

Before I get into the detail though, here’s one principle […]

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Content Marketing: Passing Fad? Over-Hyped? Or Essential Marketing for the 21st Century? Read this before you Decide

Everyone’s talking about content, or so it seems. Here’s what we are told: you need content to connect with your customers and to build trust in your business; and increasingly, so we’re told, the quality of the content you publish will determine your visibility to Google and the performance of your site in searches.

But does this view represent reality? Can any business really make an impact through publishing content? Here’s a real-life example that might […]

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B2B Marketing – How do you prove you know what you’re talking about?

A large part of B2B marketing and sales is proving that you know what you’re talking about.  You can only sell something once somebody has accepted that you have the knowledge and expertise to meet their needs. And finding opportunities to do this can be a challenge.

Traditional methods, using advertising, cold calling or direct mail have their place – but how much opportunity do you really get to make a convincing case, assuming somebody even […]

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Why Your Content is Never Perfect – But Never ‘Wrong’ Either

I was talking to a business contact recently about a blog post they’d written. His first response was: ‘I bet you’re going to tell me I’ve got it all wrong.’  Which started me thinking: does right or wrong have any meaning whatsoever in content marketing?

The article he was talking about was actually quite good. It was easy to read, it had a point and it was clearly aimed at his target customers. The fact that […]

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Blogging – Why you should, Why you don’t, and How you can

No surprise, I’m sure, to hear that I am a blogging enthusiast. Effective blogging within a coherent online marketing plan will win you more customers and can often be the route into customers with bigger budgets. So why aren’t all businesses doing it? And what can they do to kick-start the process?

The virtues and benefits of business blogging should be well known. But in case you’ve been living in the world that online marketing forgot, […]

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Blogging – How Do You Feel When Somebody Disagrees With You?

Fear of disagreement is one of the factors that holds back new and potential bloggers. Putting your opinions out into the internet can be a worry: ‘What if I get some negative comments?’, ‘What if somebody out there knows more than me?’. Such negative thoughts can inhibit the creative process. Don’t despair – there are many reasons why disagreement can be a positive sign that you’re getting it right.

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First of all, […]

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