Is Your Mid-Sized Business Ready for Content Marketing? Part 2

Last time we looked at foundations. These are the blocks that have to be in place if content marketing is going to drive your growth – and not just be an interesting experiment.

For many mid-sized businesses, particularly in B2B, this means taking a much more systematic view. Being clear about what you want to sell and the people you are selling to. It also means taking a broader view of all the places on-line that a potential customer might find you.

You […]

How to Write the Blog Posts your Readers will thank you for

If you’re reading this you probably understand the value of having a good blog on your website. And what you really want to know is how you can make your blog better. How can you write articles that people will actually welcome?

Here are a few questions and pointers based on my experience of producing hundreds of posts for myself and for my clients, and from observing skilled bloggers.

Before I get into the detail though, here’s one principle […]

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5 Counter-Intuitive Habits of the Modern B2B Marketer

Social media and content marketing are arguably revolutionising the way businesses think about marketing and the ways in which they act. The most successful B2B marketers are now doing things that not so long ago were unthinkable and even today can seem counter-intuitive.



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So, what are the emerging new habits of successful B2B marketing and why are they so successful?
1. It’s healthy to give away your expertise
For any business that survives […]

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Blogging – Why you should, Why you don’t, and How you can

No surprise, I’m sure, to hear that I am a blogging enthusiast. Effective blogging within a coherent online marketing plan will win you more customers and can often be the route into customers with bigger budgets. So why aren’t all businesses doing it? And what can they do to kick-start the process?

The virtues and benefits of business blogging should be well known. But in case you’ve been living in the world that online marketing forgot, […]

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Blogging – How Do You Feel When Somebody Disagrees With You?

Fear of disagreement is one of the factors that holds back new and potential bloggers. Putting your opinions out into the internet can be a worry: ‘What if I get some negative comments?’, ‘What if somebody out there knows more than me?’. Such negative thoughts can inhibit the creative process. Don’t despair – there are many reasons why disagreement can be a positive sign that you’re getting it right.

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First of all, […]

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Anatomy of a Blog Post – How to Get More Readers and More Business

As business blogging becomes more popular how do you make your posts stand out from the crowd? And how do you create the sort of loyal following that will make your blogging efforts worthwhile? As with most things in content marketing there are no hard and fast rules – but there are a few points on the anatomy of a blog post that you can follow to help you enjoy greater success.

Good titles are hard […]

Uses for an Old Blog Post – Get More Value from Business Blogging

Writing a good blog post takes time and effort. Identifying a relevant message, framing it in a way that resonates with your audience, making it interesting and entertaining – this all needs work. What a shame then if you only ever use that post once. Here’s a few thoughts on how you can get more value from this hard work.

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I’m assuming that you are already making full use of social media […]

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Does Your Business Blog Have an Identity Crisis?

The best business blogs are not necessarily the most grammatically perfect and may not even be the ones with the most finely-honed copywriting. The critical factor is having a distinct identity and a personality. As more businesses take up blogging, how will yours stand out from the crowd – with the distinct identity you need to build a loyal readership? By identity I don’t mean how your blog looks, but what it has to say.

Nick […]

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Blogging for Business Part 4 – Putting the HASSLE into Blogging

If you’ve followed the first 3 parts of this series you will have set up your blogging site with all the tools for sharing, SEO and analysing your traffic. You’ll also have a list of great ideas for blog topics. Now you need to start writing. But what are the secrets to creating something that people will look forward to reading?


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If you think blogging is a hassle, let’s work with that thought. […]

Blogging for Business Part 3 – Planning Your Content

When I’m talking to people about starting a business blog one of the most common barriers people put up is ‘I don’t know what I can write about – my business isn’t interesting enough to generate regular new content.’ I’ve yet to find a business where this was true and for which blogging couldn’t be done effectively.

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There’s a group of people out there who will be interested in what you do, they’re called […]

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