One guaranteed way make more people read your content

Producing content that appeals to a specific audience is difficult and time consuming. And it’s sad to see so much of that effort go to waste time and time again. Why? because the person publishing the content didn’t appreciate that the headline demands just as much attention as the rest of the article.

OK then, the last time you wrote a blog article or started a discussion in LinkedIn or Google+, how much time and effort […]

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Content Marketing: Passing Fad? Over-Hyped? Or Essential Marketing for the 21st Century? Read this before you Decide

Everyone’s talking about content, or so it seems. Here’s what we are told: you need content to connect with your customers and to build trust in your business; and increasingly, so we’re told, the quality of the content you publish will determine your visibility to Google and the performance of your site in searches.

But does this view represent reality? Can any business really make an impact through publishing content? Here’s a real-life example that might […]

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Attracting Customers through their Interests

What’s the surest way of engaging somebody in a conversation? Talking about yourself, or talking about the other person and the things that interest them? At its most basic level, that is what content marketing is all about – engaging customers through their interests.

Some people are uncertain about adopting a content marketing approach for their business. I know some eye it with suspicion as the latest fad dreamed up by marketing consultants in order to […]

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Digest of last week’s SEO revelations

I’m just wondering how many revelations we’ll see this week about SEO techniques that we should or shouldn’t be using. There were certainly a few last week with guest blogging and social media signals coming under the spotlight.

Here’s my quick and basic summary of what I think we learned last week, taking on board announcements from Google’s Matt Cutts and a few experts whose opinions I respect.

1. Google is concerned about guest blogging being used to […]

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How much is your email address worth?

Do you ever abandon the signing-in process to ‘free’ WiFi in a cafe when they ask for your email address? I know I do. Often I don’t need the free WiFi enough to risk another load of email marketing spam. Our email addresses have a value and most of us won’t give them up without seeing a clear benefit.

But, as businesses, we also want to get email addresses that we can use in our on-line […]

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How Much Time do you WASTE Creating Content?

This might seem like an odd question from somebody who is always telling businesses they should be creating content regularly. And while it’s a simple enough question it can have a wide range of answers, all heavy with implications.

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If you answered: ‘none’ or ‘very little’
This is either fantastically good or a bit of a worry. You might have answered this way because you spend quite a lot of time publishing […]

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Content and SEO, are you a Tortoise or a Hare?

It’s a good time of year for stories, and who doesn’t love the old one about the tortoise and the hare?  Which started me wondering about how these two creatures would have handled the issues of online marketing, content and SEO.

No doubt the hare would have seen it as a breathless dash for getting to the top of page one of search engine results pages, as quickly as possible – high volumes of organic search […]

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B2B Marketing – How Bright is your Star?

All B2B businesses have a website. Yet how many of them are really satisfied with the contribution those websites make to growth and success?  For some reason, it’s quite common for businesses to admit that they don’t get a satisfactory return from their on-line B2B marketing but then not do much about it.

For a whole host of reasons, putting up a website and hoping somebody finds it is becoming even more pointless. In the future, […]

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Is it time to stop getting stressed about SEO?

First of all, let me clarify the question. I’m not asking whether your ranking in Google searches still matters – of course it does.  You’ll know from your own Analytics data how much traffic you get from organic search – and being on page 1 still makes a huge difference.

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The question is more about how you get to a page 1 ranking, and how you can maximise other sources of traffic to […]

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How to tell if you have Meaningful Web Content

A visit to your website could be your one chance to capture a new prospect – are you making the most of it by presenting a persuasive case for your business? Or are you filling the space between the pictures with words that sound like the ‘right sort of thing’ to say – but don’t actually mean very much? And how can you tell the difference?

I believe that web content should be meaningful; or put […]

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