Website Content – the Start of a Long and Happy Relationship?

Your website should be one of the ways that you are attracting new customers. When a potential customer visits your site it ought to be the first step in a long and happy relationship. But are you attracting the right visitors in the first place? And will what they find when they get there convince them to take the next step?

When I try to explain the role of website content in getting your business found […]

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Blogging – How Do You Feel When Somebody Disagrees With You?

Fear of disagreement is one of the factors that holds back new and potential bloggers. Putting your opinions out into the internet can be a worry: ‘What if I get some negative comments?’, ‘What if somebody out there knows more than me?’. Such negative thoughts can inhibit the creative process. Don’t despair – there are many reasons why disagreement can be a positive sign that you’re getting it right.

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First of all, […]

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Earn Attention, Earn Respect – Then Worry About Selling

Do you have a favourite business blogger? Somebody whose content you make a point of reading? On the other hand do you know people who make you think ‘not HIM again’ before hitting the delete button. How did they get to achieve their superstar status or notoriety? And what should this tell you about your own approach to content based marketing?

Nobody has a right to be heard
I’m only talking about marketing here, by the way, before […]

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Content Marketing – Finding the High Value Sweet Spot

What’s the hardest thing about content marketing? Judging from conversations on social media and in person it seems that working out what to blog about is certainly up there with the biggest obstacles.

Sound familiar? If it does, the chances are that you’re struggling because you’re locked into a traditional approach to marketing; one that’s stopping you finding the sweet spot for your content. The secret of success with content is to turn the traditional view […]

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Build It – But They Won’t Necessarily Come!

‘Build it and they will come’. The refrain from the slightly silly but nonetheless engaging film Field of Dreams. That thought seems to sum up the attitude many start-up businesses have to their websites.

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Get a website up and they will come is what people often think when they start a business – just wait for the calls and emails to flood in. I also suspect that, maybe, some businesses think that a website is something […]

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Blogging for Business Part 4 – Putting the HASSLE into Blogging

If you’ve followed the first 3 parts of this series you will have set up your blogging site with all the tools for sharing, SEO and analysing your traffic. You’ll also have a list of great ideas for blog topics. Now you need to start writing. But what are the secrets to creating something that people will look forward to reading?


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If you think blogging is a hassle, let’s work with that thought. […]

Blogging for Business Part 3 – Planning Your Content

When I’m talking to people about starting a business blog one of the most common barriers people put up is ‘I don’t know what I can write about – my business isn’t interesting enough to generate regular new content.’ I’ve yet to find a business where this was true and for which blogging couldn’t be done effectively.

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There’s a group of people out there who will be interested in what you do, they’re called […]

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Blogging for Business – SEO, Sharing and Statistics

Welcome to part 2 of a series of articles on the basics of effective blogging for business. Last time I discussed setting up a blogging site using WordPress. Now we’re going to look at how you equip your blog with the tools to help get your content noticed and shared.

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You’ll remember that we discussed whether it’s best to have a site hosted at or to download the framework from […]

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Blogging For Business – Getting Started

This is the first in a series of articles aimed at businesses that want to start blogging as part of their marketing strategy. There are loads of reasons why you should do this but the main ones are:

Improving your website SEO with regular content updates
Reaching more potential customers through the internet
Proving your expertise and knowledge through customer-focused articles
Building your reputation and trust

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Through these articles I’ll help you understand how to set […]

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