Never Mind About ‘Great Content’, Work out what it’s for first.

If you have any interest at all in digital marketing, websites and SEO, you’ll have heard plenty about content – and great content  in particular. ‘Great content’ improves your search visibility. Promoting your great content through social networks and influencers earns you traffic, trust and authority.

So far so good. The content marketing concept is easy to understand and I’m sure you can see how it might work for your business. But how many really clear definitions have you […]

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Cultivating New Customers, Rather than Hunting them Down

At the dawn of civilisation we survived by foraging for food and by tracking and killing it. Effective, up to a point, but very time-consuming and ultimately limited in the size of population it could sustain.

What we needed was a more efficient way of feeding ourselves. Mankind arrived at a crossroads. And in many ways I think the evolution of marketing has arrived at a similar point.

One fundamental issue for hunters was that most of […]

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It’s Content, but is it Marketing?

I am honestly losing count of the number of SEO agencies that are producing articles extolling the virtues of content marketing.  Fancy that! There’s more to on-line marketing than search rankings and organic traffic.

Just be be clear, I’m not saying that rankings and traffic don’t matter. And a good technical SEO expert can still help your business – a lot! And I know that many SEOs do understand content marketing and the bigger picture of […]

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6 Ideas for Marketing Professional Services

I was recently addressing a group of management and chartered accountants and the discussion inevitably turned to marketing. All professional services providers face a significant challenge: how can businesses that provide broadly similar outputs differentiate themselves.  There’s a similar issue with law firms and, I guess, with web designers, training providers and a host of other services.

If this challenge sounds familiar here are six thoughts that might help. Including how content marketing could make all […]

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Persuading your Customers to do what you want

When you publish content on your website or blog your aim is to persuade somebody to do something. It might be to place an order, contact you for more information, download a guide, subscribe to your mailing list or follow you on social media.

There should always be an action in mind. Something you want people to do as a result of reading the content.

Which means that for on-line marketing to be successful it needs to […]

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5 Counter-Intuitive Habits of the Modern B2B Marketer

Social media and content marketing are arguably revolutionising the way businesses think about marketing and the ways in which they act. The most successful B2B marketers are now doing things that not so long ago were unthinkable and even today can seem counter-intuitive.



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So, what are the emerging new habits of successful B2B marketing and why are they so successful?
1. It’s healthy to give away your expertise
For any business that survives […]

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So, Should CEOs Blog or Not?

There are some fascinating discussions going on at present about the extent to which CEOs and other employees should publish content on company blogs and social media platforms.  Respected commentators and SEO experts like David Amerland and Mark Traphagen are strong proponents of key employees and CEOs becoming authors and presenting a human face for their brand through content and social media. Some are not so sure.

Other, equally respected sources have very strong and entirely […]

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B2B Marketing – How do you prove you know what you’re talking about?

A large part of B2B marketing and sales is proving that you know what you’re talking about.  You can only sell something once somebody has accepted that you have the knowledge and expertise to meet their needs. And finding opportunities to do this can be a challenge.

Traditional methods, using advertising, cold calling or direct mail have their place – but how much opportunity do you really get to make a convincing case, assuming somebody even […]

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Why Your Content is Never Perfect – But Never ‘Wrong’ Either

I was talking to a business contact recently about a blog post they’d written. His first response was: ‘I bet you’re going to tell me I’ve got it all wrong.’  Which started me thinking: does right or wrong have any meaning whatsoever in content marketing?

The article he was talking about was actually quite good. It was easy to read, it had a point and it was clearly aimed at his target customers. The fact that […]

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A few Simple things you can do to Improve your Website Content

From time to time I offer to do a quick review on the content of a business website to see if I can suggest some simple improvements. Here’s a list of some of the more common issues I encounter with website content which you might find helpful as a basis for looking at your own site.

1. Keyword Strategy
Don’t be put off, this is simpler than you might think.

In an ideal world it should be obvious […]

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