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Persuasive content for B2B and B2C online marketing, practical advice on how to use content to build trust, authority and sales.


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Every Business Needs a Good Writer

People have to trust you before they will buy from you.

You understand what your customers need and you have the expertise to help them – that’s why you’re still in business. But do you really have the skills to put all of that into exactly the right words, to attract the leads that will turn into the loyal customers of tomorrow?

Words have power. The right words demonstrate your deep understanding of your customers’ needs, ambitions and problems. The right words also reinforce your critical beliefs and values – the things that make your business and your team truly unique.

Powerful marketing content also pinpoints the words that tap into the psychology of your customers to convince them to act.

In modern online marketing the content job is never complete. Your competitors will be doing everything they can with content and social media to build relationships with YOUR customers. Without your own high-quality, focused and persuasive content you risk losing the customers that should be yours. You might even risk losing the customers it’s taken you years to cultivate.

You probably don’t need a full-time writer and maybe you just need some support to help you focus your energy and sharpen up your skills. Either way we can help. Just use the contact form and we’ll take it from there.

Stand out in a crowded marketplace

Attention is a scarce commodity in the digital age. How does your business get noticed among all the noise?

You do it by investing in content that no other business could create; content that provides the answers your customers are really seeking. Draw on the experience, knowledge and values of your team to create genuine insights and real value.

There is no magic to content marketing. It’s a systematic process that profiles your target customers and creates content to support them at every stage: from becoming ‘aware’ to becoming a qualified prospect.

Content marketing brings together Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social media networking and content publishing to win attention, trust and sales. I’ll help you design the content strategy that will get you noticed by the right people, build trust in what you do and drive your sales growth.

Let’s Talk

Do you view web content as a strategic investment in the future of your business? Do you understand why it’s the first step in creating valuable new customer relationships? If so, we have plenty to talk about – let’s have a chat over a cup of coffee and see where you could take your business.

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Richard Hussey

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